the fruits of a brief livestream (thanks to those who joined!!) and a lil doodle 

two drunks get real rowdyyy

this was meant to be a painting but it took a completely different route whoops 

and heres yet another drunk russian nerd

garrett did you get into some opium again 

there are drunk nerds everywhere in my sketchbook whoops

gromov looking dapper and getting ready to pitch some ideas for sexy robo ladies ;^) 

finally got some pictures of this painting !!

i just can’t bring myself to draw pi’s face thoroughly blow up iT HUrts too much  

trickster-in-training asked:
I love seeing your artwork, your style is just so cute! Especially the drawings on the textured paper. How do you color those ones? The lines look like pen, but I can't tell if the color is colored pencil or digital. Hope you have a good day. :)

Ahh thank you!! <3

My lines are done traditionally, normally with pencil, sometimes with coloured lead or pen. Once I scan my art in I throw down some colour digitally!